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Looking at stories with local impact and global significance.

Nowhere is technology’s disruptive power more evident than in the rise of new forms of mobility.

And nowhere is the clash between tradition and innovation as pronounced — from laws governing safety and incumbents figuring out how to survive to new ways of living and consuming services together.

We highlight news, trends, and topics both on and off the beaten path in this brave new world, as new mobility services upends a trillion dollar market.

Each week we hand-pick up to 15 stories that grabbed our attention, either because they highlight a global trend, shed light on new forms of mobility happening at the local level or something inbetween.

Our philosophy is to look at the macro and the micro, the global and the local, the proverbial yin and yang, and show you what’s new and interesting.

We don’t just focus on technology, we look at the explosion of the business ideas accompanying the transformation.

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