The Mobility Report: № 27

A restaurant owner in Singapore who angered many by flaunting his wealth at a taxi driver is making amends by offering cabbies a free meal at his restaurants for one day. (Link)

Apple’s self-driving car spotted logging test miles on California streets (VIDEO)

Ticket to ride Japanese luxury sleeper train mere $10,000 one way. (VIDEO)

New York Launches Ferry Service to Better Connect the Boroughs (Link)

Israeli ridesharing startups face tough drive on the mean streets of NYC. Customer acquisition costs are staggering. (Link)

China’s strict anti-pornography laws lands woman in police detention after video of Masturbating Taxi Driver shared online. (Link)

List of countries that have banned Uber (Link)

Ride-sharing comparison app YayYo to raise $50 million in mini-IPO  (Link)

Uber in federal court today, faces possible shutdown of self-driving program (Link)

How self-driving cars will change real estate (Link)

Hampton VA police introduce half taxi, half police car to prevent drunk driving (Link)

Mobileye sees income from maps before self-driving cars launch (Link)

Anthony Barba

Anthony Barba

Anthony is the Mobility Report's editor. Originally from New York, he now lives with his family in Berlin. Mr. Barba's first car was a 1978 VW Scirocco.

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