The Mobility Report: № 31

When a Town Pays for Uber Rides Rather Than Creating a Bus System (Link)

Taxis strike across Spain to protest Uber, Cabify services (Link)

Tesla Building A Moat With HD Maps? (Link)

Billionaire Slim eyeing electric taxi to reduce pollution in Mexico City (Link)

Ola and Mahindra power India’s first electric mass mobility ecosystem (Link)

LEO Express is looking to acquire German open access operator Locomore, which recently filed for insolvency. (Link)

That deal we spoke about a few weeks ago to lower at Israel Airport taxi fares collapses (Link)

This Ridesharing App Will Get You to the Mosque Every Night Through Ramadan (Link)

People Don’t Trust Ride-Sharing Companies To Build Self-Driving Cars (Link)

Anthony Barba

Anthony Barba

Anthony is the Mobility Report's editor. Originally from New York, he now lives with his family in Berlin. Mr. Barba's first car was a 1978 VW Scirocco.

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