The Mobility Report: № 32

Park City leaders tapped the brakes on an app that would offer free electric bus rides in the city, opting to delay a decision after hearing resistance to the deal from the taxi industry. LINK

Grab, a Southeast Asian ridesharing platform, tested a helicopter-on-demandservice in Indonesia over this past weekend. They offered free rides in a chopper to select customers in Jakarta, the Indonesian capital that’s notorious for its bad traffic. LINK

Volvo hopes to reduce the strain on the arms and knees of sanitation workers with its self driving garbage truck. LINK

Can Car Rental Companies Survive The Autonomous Driving Revolution? There doesn’t seem to be a whole lot the rental companies can do to stop the rot. They are already at a structural disadvantage versus the ride sharing companies, and with the looming AV revolution, the rug will be pulled from underneath them. LINK

? New York Governor tweets about States first self-driving car demo.
? Citizens uniformly & immediately reply, “FIX THE SUBWAYS!!!”  LINK

Bosch, TomTom Hatch Plan to Make Super-Accurate Maps for Self-Driving Cars. These maps will allow self-driving cars to position themselves within an inch using radar data. So instead of compiling visual cues, the “map” will be made up of the signals created by bouncing radio waves off nearby objects. LINK

Cash-strapped Houston’s City Council approved selling or swapping almost $2 million worth of city streets and utility easements. LINK

Curb and Via bring ride-sharing to NYC’s Yellow Taxis LINK


Anthony Barba

Anthony Barba

Anthony is the Mobility Report's editor. Originally from New York, he now lives with his family in Berlin. Mr. Barba's first car was a 1978 VW Scirocco.

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