The Mobility Report : № 48

Here are a few of the most interesting mobility ideas & transportation stories of the week.

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Uber will no longer provide a free version of its Uber for Business app for business customers. This will result in corporations paying more for the company’s ride hailing services. LINK

Security researchers warn of a rise in malicious apps masquerading as legitimate taxi-hailing services — cyber-criminals look to capitalize on London’s recent decision to ban Uber. LINK

Waymo vs. Uber Trial postponed until December LINK

Lyft explores an IPO. LINK

Indian Uber rival, Ola, in talks with Softbank, Tencent for new funding of up to $2bn. LINK

BMW is adding Amazon’s Alexa to their 2018 BMW and Mini models. LINK

Daimler buys into another ride-sharing company, the Berlin-based startup called flinc. LINK

Waymo aims is to launch its own ride-sharing service, despite internal issues. LINK

A Senate panel approved bipartisan legislation on Wednesday could pave the way for driverless cars. LINK

Americans express more worry than enthusiasm about coming developments in automation — from driverless vehicles to a world in which machines perform many jobs currently done by humans LINK

Israel-based startup, otonomo, is helping Daimler and BMW compete against Google with Big Data platform. LINK

Ola now helps drivers find public toilets. LINK

Paris went car-free Sunday, and people loved it. LINK

California lawmaker wants to ban gas car sales after 2040 LINK

Ford plans to shift away from developing passenger cars, its C.E.O. says, and focus more on electric SUVs/Trucks. LINK

Anthony Barba

Anthony Barba

Anthony is the Mobility Report's editor. Originally from New York, he now lives with his family in Berlin. Mr. Barba's first car was a 1978 VW Scirocco.

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