This Week In Mobility: № 70

MIT REPORTS: Ride Hailing Drivers, On an hourly basis, the median profit is $3.37 per hour. LINK

UBER: Makes some minor adjustment to the math in the MIT REPORT and PRESTO WHAMO!!! the median profit is NOW $16.53 per hour. LINK

MIT RESPONDS: Reworks numbers and asks UBER to open drivers data. LINK

UBER CEO CHIRPS: MIT is mathematically incompetent. LINK

BRUCE HORNSBY:  In response to CEO’s classy tweet says, “That’s just the way it is. Some things’ll never change” LINK

A special report in this week’s Economist. Of course this my favorite out of the bunch… Self-driving cars will require new business modelsLINK

Idiot Steals Car But Can’t Drive ElectricLINK

  • Flashback: Idiot Steals Car But Can’t Drive StickLINK

Apparently, Humans attack & scream at Robot cars after accidents LINK

  • Flashback Apparently, Humans Say “Thank You” to Robot Pizza Delivery Vehicles LINK

H/T Ralph Talmont Via Twitter

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Waymo reaches 5 million self-driven miles – with the last 1 million in less than three months LINK

Uber Seeks Deal for Waymo Cars following lawsuit LINK

Toyota is on the move. Investing at least $2.8 billion into the internal development of self-driving vehicle tech via a new venture being created with Denso Corp and Aisin Seiki Co. LINK

H/T Liz Dixon via TWiM Slack Channel

Absolutely horrific story coming from South Africa this week. A 21-year-old Taxify driver was found burned to death, trapped in the boot of a burned car after he was “allegedly” attacked by meter taxi drivers in South Africa  LINK

German cars have the most to lose from a changing auto industry. Coddled by successive governments, the industry is dogged by dieselgate and lagging in electric vehicles LINK

Nissan Says It’s Selling 1 New EV LEAF Every 12 Minutes In Europe LINK

Anger in Scotland over axing taxi discount for disabled people getting to and from their doctor’s appointments. City using that budget for a minibus service. LINK

Uber announced the launch of a new digital tool meant to book rides for patients getting to and from their doctor’s appointmentsLINK

This Week In Mobility: № 70

Anthony Barba

Anthony Barba

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