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Newsletter № 124

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In Chicago, 21 people have been arrested for stealing 25% of all Car2Go's cars in that city.  Police have not said if the people accused of stealing the vehicles were…

Newsletter № 123

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Sony becomes Uber's newest rival in Japan. It's called S.Ride, and it has a combined fleet of over 10,000 cabs. The "S" in S.Ride doesn't stand for Sony, but for Simple, Smart and Speedy. Sony has…

Newsletter № 122

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TWiM EXCLUSIVE: Volkswagen opens up registration to become a beta tester of their 100% electric car sharing scheme in Berlin. Everyone is welcome to join ... except Americans.  Y'all know how much I love reading terms…
Anthony Barba

Meet the Editor

Anthony Barba is a co-founder of a Mobility Consultancy called Pumpkin.

He has advised multi-national brands, startups and OEM’s on how to utilize mobility to increase their competitive advantage and create new revenue streams.

Anthony’s obsession with Mobility as Marketing began in an empty restaurant when he asked his Wife, “Do you think paying for customers Uber ride is cheaper to fill seats than Groupon?”

Originally from New York, Anthony Lives in Berlin with his wife and daughter.