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Newsletter № 111

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Poland unveils glowing bright blue bike lane that’s charged by the sun. The path near Lidzbark Warminski is illuminated by phosphor, a synthetic material that can emit light for around 10 hours. LINK Spider-man's newest villain is…

Newsletter № 110

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Mobility For Healthier Elementary School Students THE SUPERMARKET EXODUS:  In 1968 there were 91 supermarkets in Washington, D.C.  A decade later33 remained. Supermarkets and researchers say the stores have closed mainly because…

Newsletter № 109

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Anthony Levandowski pens that his life’s passion is to improve safety on real roads in the blog post launching his new venture. He stands by his safety record, claiming its second to…
Anthony Barba

Meet the Editor

Anthony Barba is a co-founder of a Mobility Consultancy called Pumpkin.

He has advised multi-national brands, startups and OEM’s on how to utilize mobility to increase their competitive advantage and create new revenue streams.

Anthony’s obsession with Mobility as Marketing began in an empty restaurant when he asked his Wife, “Do you think paying for customers Uber ride is cheaper to fill seats than Groupon?”

Originally from New York, Anthony Lives in Berlin with his wife and daughter.