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Nike is marketing “the Perfect Commuting Sneaker“. They are targeting people who walk an estimated five miles a day. A pair will set you back $209 bucksLINK

Adidas and Transport for London to launch limited edition sneaker that comes with a FREE £80 Oyster Card. A pair will set you back $650 bucks on the eBay. LINK

  • FLASHBACK: Adidas and Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe to launch limited edition sneaker that comes with a free 2018 subway pass. A pair will set you back $22,561 bucks on the eBay. (Bitcoin is sooooooo 2015) LINK

Women in NYC spend as much as $1,200 more than men a year to avoid sexual harassment on public transit. 75% of female respondents had experienced harassment or theft on public transportation. #PinkTax LINK

STUDY: Autonomous Vehicles And The Future Of Urban Tourism Predicts … 

… self-driving brothelsLINK

  • FLASHBACK: Uber driver accidentally picks up a prostitute – but only realizes when she asks ‘Do you want to have sex?’  LINK

… self-driving JihadLINK

  • FLASHBACK: Two wannabe ISIS terrorists were busted in England for “allegedly” plotting an attack involving a self-driving car.LINK

Lime is launching 50 vehicles car-sharing service in Seattle. By early 2019, aims to have 1,500 cars on the road … making it the largest free-floating car-sharing program in the U.S.  LINK

The headline of the week goes Jalopnik: “Ford, Trying Anything at This Point, Buys a Scooter Company” Axios … Ford spending close to $100M to buy Spin LINK

GM’s Maven program will rent Teslas and Fords in 2019. Lawn-Boy and John Deere Lawnmowers to come soon after. LINK

Bosch and Daimler have signed a memorandum of understanding with the city San Jose to pilot self-driving on-demand ride-hailing service. LINK

Carmakers are collecting data like where you’ve been, what you’re listening to and what kind of coffee you like ….. and making bank!  LINK

Hey Siri, lock my Tiguan Allspace: Volkswagen owners can now instruct Siri to unlock their vehicle, check estimated mileage, and enable the Flash or Honk commands. LINK

Walmart agrees to work with Ford on self-driving grocery delivery pilot. The project will be in Miami, where Ford is already testing self-driving cars with DominosLINK

VIDEO: Did you know that in 1895, hundreds of electric taxis called “Electrobats” cruised the streets of Midtown Manhattan? They had a charging station on Broadway. LINK

Mayor plants 40 trees AKA  “traffic calming devices” in the middle of the road to encourage drivers to drive slower. Townsfolk decry baby tree as “bloody pathetic” and a “death trap”. LINK

Anthony Barba

As the founder of mobility as a marketing consultancy pumpkin, Anthony helps brands utilize transportation to increase their competitive advantage & create new revenue streams. once gave TEDx talk on how the rise of the mafia in las vegas is connected to the future of mobility … then walked off stage to buy his daughter a Spider-Man action figure next door.

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