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New York City can ban ads inside Uber, Lyft vehicles says U.S. appeals court. A federal appeals court on Tuesday said New York City can ban advertising inside vehicles driven for companies such as Uber and Lyft, handing a victory to the millions of passengers who it said find such ads “extremely annoying.” LINK

REPORT: Uber and Lyft paid drivers to protest the California bill that could make them employees.  LINK

  • FLASHBACK: 91% of Lyft drivers work fewer than 20 hours a week. LINK
  • FLASHBACK: 4% of Uber drivers remain on the platform after one year. LINK

VIDEO FLASHBACK: Verne Troyer (AKA Mini-Me) gets a Mini-Tesla for Christmas. LINK

Bike-sharing start-up Moov Technology has purchased brand-new ofo bikes that were left in a warehouse, refurbished them and launched them in SingaporeLINK

Apple files patent for a wireless charging system for self-driving vehicles. LINK

Ford has officially submitted a proposal to the Unicode Consortium requesting that the pickup truck emoji be added as a standard Unicode emoji character. Truck yeah!! LINK

The Car2Go executive team in Europe decided to stop conducting manual background checks on all of its North American users to attract new users. Days later Facebook ads appear in Chicago to rent stolen Car2Go Mercedes. LINK

  • FLASHBACK: 40% of Enterprise CarShare’s fleet in Chicago has been involved in theft or vandalism. LINK

  • Design student wins prize for designing a chair that prevents ‘manspreading’.  Her “anti-manspreading” chair has two pieces of wood positioned inwardly to uncomfortably stop humans from spreading their legs by forcing their knees to touch.  She also designed a chair to encourage ‘manspreading’. The “pro-manspreading” chair has a small piece of wood in the middle, which encourages humans to sit with the legs further apart. LINK
    • FLASHBACK: Beijing subway Riders face social credit penalty for ‘Manspreading’  LINK
    • FLASHBACK: LA Metro Riders Face $75 ‘Manspreading’ Fine LINK
    • FLASHBACK: NYC Cops Arrest Subway Riders For “Manspreading” LINK

VIDEO: Refraction AI is a last-mile delivery startup that wants to put $5,000 food delivery droids in bike lanes. Founders say the autonomous delivery vehicle can safely operate in all weather conditions.  LINK

PICKED BY OUR SLACK GROUP. This might be fun to do each week.

Lyft wins preliminary ruling for exclusive rights to dock & free floating dock-less bike-rental in San Francisco. LINK

  • FLASHBACK:  Lyft sues San Francisco for violating its 10-year exclusivity agreement Ford GoBike — previously operated by Motivate, which Lyft eventually purchased. LINK


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