Transport for London(TfL) has ordered Taxify to stop operations in London just three days after launching. Taxify has appealed. LINK

Transport for London(TfL) is getting pressure from MPs to be strip Uber of its license to operate in London after a string of controversies. LINK

Transport for London(TfL) tracked 5.6 million phones via Subway Wi-fi. They believes that following passengers will reduce overcrowding in and increase revenue from advertising. LINK

Headless car rules loosen on US Public Highways: Regulator stops demanding safety assessments. LINK

Morgan Stanley predicts shared and autonomous vehicles will add 80 basis points to annual alcoholic beverage sales growth for the next 10 years. LINK

Meter taxi drivers in Johannesburg say they are willing to die to prevent Uber drivers from invading “their territory”. LINK

Japan trials driver-less cars to help elderly people get around in rural areas. LINK

Lyft’s strategy: Be the Android of self-driving car. Lyft wants lots of self-driving car companies to build on its open network. LINK

7 things to know about the Lyft and Drive.ai partnership LINK

Volvo buys premium app-based valet service Luxe. LINK

Entities funding Lilium’s flying taxi enterprise have direct or indirect connections with Bitcoin, blockchain, and other digital currencies. LINK

Israeli start-up AdaSky building thermal cameras for self-driving cars. LINK

Dutch P2P car sharing platform SnappCar takes over German car-sharing platform Tamyca LINK

Automotive equipment supplier Magna takes on the unique traffic challenges of Berlin in order to develop self-driving software. LINK