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A list of all the countries and cities where Uber is banned. LINK

London Gets Another Ride-Sharing Option. Citymapper’s latest effort enlists Gett app for shared taxi service LINK

On-Demand Startups Look Vulnerable In Europe. LINK

Daimler invests further in Israeli ride-sharing firm Via London will be the first European city to launch the new Via-Daimler on-demand shuttle service, by the end of 2017. LINK

Uber threatens to leave Quebec, says ride-sharing rules onerous.LINK

Venture capitalist Reilly Brennan believes that self-driving cars are coming faster than most people expect, but that the market doesn’t have the best mix of startups yet. LINK

Lidar tells distance, radar tells velocity, this new sensor aims to do both. A new sensor startup Aeva has just come out of stealth mode. LINK

87% of Dutch cyclists killed while on e-bikes were over 60 years old. LINK

Dyson says it will spend $2.7 billion developing an electric car. LINK

Don’t Buy Your Next Volvo. Subscribe To It Instead. Sweden’s Volvo will bring a smartphone-style subscription plan to the car market. A flat-rate subscription which either terminates after 24 months or simply rolls over into a new plan. LINK

When autonomous vehicles take over the streets, the streets will change to accommodate them. LINK

Driverless cars are going to wreck the breathalyzer business. LINK

Want free parking? Drive an electric car in Dubai LINK

VIDEO: Man cling-filmed car because he’s sick of people parking outside his house and going on holiday. LINK

Anthony Barba

As the founder of mobility as a marketing consultancy pumpkin, Anthony helps brands utilize transportation to increase their competitive advantage & create new revenue streams. once gave TEDx talk on how the rise of the mafia in las vegas is connected to the future of mobility … then walked off stage to buy his daughter a Spider-Man action figure next door.

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