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  • A new Apple patent hints that its self-driving cars might minimize map usage LINK
  • LG Electronics will be working with the digital mapping and location services firm HERE Technologies to create and provide next-gen telematics solutions for self-driving cars. LINK


  • Nissan confirms they’re researching technology that uses brainwave-sensors to detect what a driver intends to do in the next fraction of a second. “Brain-to-vehicle” could be available in five to 10 years. LINK
  • Lyft is partnering with self-driving technology company Aptiv to offer rides in its robot taxis to 20 preprogrammed destinations during CES. LINK

Thank you, Bojan & Liza for posting these story in our Slack group. I love how this is becoming a group effort. – AB

Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies

  • How self-driving vehicles, blockchain, and crypto currencies will all be working together LINK
  • SnagRide, the decentralized AI ridesharing application, to launch MILE token pre-sale January 10, 2018, LINK
  • Arcade City ICO Raises Almost $620,000 & Parts Ways With Controversial Founder. Now leadership has re-branded into a separate entity, Founder Claims Fraud. What a mess. LINK

Taxi Industry

  • New CA Law will allow alcohol manufacturers to give out free or discounted rides to those that have been drinking to keep drunk drivers off the road. LINK
  • Japan’s transport ministry to oversee a trial taxi “carpooling” fare splitting service in Tokyo to cut fares up to 40%. The service uses a smartphone app to find users who share similar departure points and destinations. LINK
  • Dubai Smart City initiative launches large freestanding digital kiosk inside, operated through a smartphone, ? to help cabbies apply for leave, salary certificate, insurance details, and Dubai map in addition to reporting a traffic accident. LINK

Gender & Mobility

  • Ventura, the biggest Bus Operator in Victoria, Australia, has donated four more retired buses to a special bus service in Papua New Guinea that gives women a safe and free ride. The Ginigoada Foundation (UN Women NGO partner), which operates the service, decided that a women’s only bus should be driven by women, and is giving them the opportunity through a unique training program. In 2014, UN Women conducted a poll showing that over 90% of women had experienced violence when accessing public transport.  LINK
  • Women ask Western Railway to barricade their AC coach in Mumbai to prevent men from entering. LINK
  • The MTA removes gender from tickets six months after NYC Public Advocate calls the Long Island Rail Road’s anti-fraud measure bias towards transgender passengers. Monthly tickets will no longer feature boxes with an “M” and “F” to be punched by a conductor. LINK


  • Ford wants to patent self-defense for cars and passengers against a human threat; think car-jacking and kidnapping. The car would lock its doors, issuing some sort of warning and start video recordingsLINK
  • Utah could soon change the legal definition of a driver to include a machineLINK
  • Lidar used to cost $75,000. Experts expect this to fall to less than $100. Here is a deep dive into Lidar technologyLINK
  • Velodyne Slashes the Price of Its Most Popular LiDAR Sensor by Half. This puts the price floor of the 600-gram lidar sensor at a lowly $4,000. LINK
  • BlackBerry shares climb on driverless car deal with Chinese search-engine giant Baidu. BlackBerry to provide the safety operating system for the Apollo autonomous driving system, which is being developed in co-operation with several vehicle makers. LIN


  • Ukraine cancels VAT, an excise tax on imports of electric cars in 2018, according to amendments to the Tax Code of Ukraine and some legal acts. LINK
  • Mobike, the Bike-sharing firm, is planning to enter the car sharing market in southwest China. LINK
  • Car startups cheat sheet. LINK
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