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Google Orders Fleet of 20,000 Driverless Jaguars. By the end of the year, the companies hope to have up to 20,000 vehicles testing on the road. By 2020, the Jaguars will become part of Waymo’s ride-hailing taxi service, set to begin this year. LINK

Cruise Self-Driving Car Pulled Over, Ticketed In SF. Too Close To Pedestrian. LINK

Uber secretly ditched having two engineers up front in its self-driving cars – and replaced them with solo felons and ex-Pizza Hut managers with three weeks training  LINK

FLASHBACK: Uber receives $8.9 million fine in Colorado for hiring disqualified drivers, felonsLINK

Caring stepdaughter of homeless Arizona woman who was hit and killed by an Uber driver-less car pushes for criminal charges LINK

In light of the fatal Uber crash in Tempe, Governor Ducey sends this letter to Uber ordering the company to suspend its testing of autonomous vehicles in Arizona indefinitely LINK

FLASHBACK: Arizona Governor welcomes Uber’s self-driving vehicles to the state in late 2016. LINK

H/T Liza Dixon

When Uber decided in 2016 to retire its fleet of self-driving Ford Fusion cars in favor of Volvo sport utility vehicles, it also chose to scale back on one notable piece of technology: the safety sensors used to detect objects in the road. LINK

Face recognition used to target Jaywalkers LINK

A Detroit man and his emotional support goat, named Deer, were heckled by passengers and ordered off a public bus in Detroit this past weekend. LINK

Paris Mayor Floats Free year-round Transit for All.  LINK

Falling transit ridership poses an ‘emergency’ for cities  LINK

The Future of Parking Garages Doesn’t Involve Cars At All. In London, a disused garage is being partially converted into studios, restaurants, and more. #futureproofing LINK

Parking lots are being built over in ride-sharing era as downtown construction booms LINK

BMW and Daimler agree to combine CarSharing, Ride-Hailing, Parking, Charging and Multimodality. LINK

Last Week, Canada’s First Women-Only Ride-sharing Service Aims To Curb Sexual Assault in Toronto LINK 

This Week, Canada’s Second Women-Only Ride-sharing Service Aims To Curb Sexual Assault on Vancouver Island LINK

Tesla’s highly-anticipated new navigation and maps engine is coming this weekend LINK

FLASHBACK: Tesla is working on revamping its maps and navigation system with its own maps using new open source modules from MapBox and Valhalla. LINK

28% of Italians use use bike sharing, car sharing or carpooling services, according to a new report released on Tuesday. Increase of 50% since 2015 LINK

Meanwhile in San Diego the Little Italy Association Is Evicting Dockless Bike Sharing.  Little Italy Association District Manager Chris Gomez says, “We are requiring that all vendors remove their bikes/scooter (sic) from the Little Italy boundaries by March 9th or we will take the next step to relocate the units and lock them together.” LINK

The $5000-a-bike City Bikeshare that’s hardly used LINK

H/T Philipp Gloeckler

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