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Google’s Waze launches ad program for small businesses LINK

Google’s Waymo denies ‘masterplan’ to harvest data from driverless cars for advertisingLINK

Meituan-Dianping acquires Mobike for $3.7 billion. LINK

MaaS app Whim heading to the UK for the first time ahead of the full rollout. Commuters using Whim will be able to access buses, trams, taxis and hire cars, either as part of a monthly fee or on pay-as-you-go. LINK

Tesla Model X on Autopilot Killed a Driver. Officials Aren’t Pleased With How Tesla Handled It. LINK

The victim who died in Tesla Model X crash had complained about Autopilot and took it to dealership addressing the issue, but they could not duplicate it there. LINK

This guy could duplicate the Tesla Autopilot crash LINK

This guy could duplicate it tooLINK

Volkswagen of America hires Tesla Model S, X program manager to steer objectives for MEB EV line LINK

The family of a woman killed by an Uber self-driving vehicle in Arizona has reached a settlement, ending a potential legal battle over the first fatality caused by an autonomous vehicle. LINK Surprise… not all family members of Uber crash victim have settled with the company. LINK

Pantone wants to curb your road rage with ‘nature-inspired’ car mood lighting. LINK

NYC launches a pilot program that would allow people to hail a yellow cab to pay an upfront fare

NYC E-bikes coming soon  LINK

NYC floats reviving a proposal to cap new Uber cars…. hopes to curb the growth of e-hail industry LINK

DC Wants to Raise Taxes on Uber & Lyft to Resuscitate the Metro System LINK

San Francisco uses parking spaces to gamify mobility. City requiring new construction build fewer parking spaces, or else encourage alternatives to solo car trips, by using a Transportation Demand Management points system. LINK

Apple applies for patent that lets riders virtually fight zombies or hang glide in self-driving cars LINK

Apple rolls out support for transit cards in China LINK

India’s Ola Enters Competitive Australian Ground Transport Market  LINK

India’s Ola buys Mumbai-based public transport ticketing app Ridlr LINK

This report highlights one major reason why we’ve seen the proliferation of e-bikes & e-scooters over the past year (cheap batteriesLINK

H/T Jace Deloney via Slack Group

Uber is Ripping Off Frequent Riders… Here’s How to Avoid It LINK

Is Uber Really Ripping Off Frequent RidersLINK

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