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Pharmacies turning to ride-sharing services to bring patients In LINK

For Uber & Lyft, Medicare Could Be The Next Profitable Ride LINK

American Express plans to run ads on top of 125 taxis in New York City that will change messaging depending on the location of the cabsLINK

Robot taxi rides may be free. You’ll pay with your attention. LINK

Japan to place accident liability on self-driving car owners. Automakers will only be responsible in the case of a system flaw. LINK

#Video R.I. drivers can save on auto insurance — if they let the insurer watch every drive LINK

What Uber’s Acquisition of JUMP Bikes Means for the Bike-Share Market LINK

Goodyear getting in on bicyclette action …. launches bike tiresLINK (Fitbit for your car) raises $5 million. LINK

No need for multiple Taxi Apps in Turkey. They are proposing a “centralized taxi dispatch system” to be operated by a single center.  LINK

Uber suspends ride-sharing in Athens, but UberTaxi program will not be affected  LINK

Uber handed further legal blow by European Court of Justice. France is entitled to bring criminal proceedings against local managers of ride-hailing app Uber for running an illegal taxi service LINK

French rail strikes this week … Uber, Waze, BlaBlaCar, and Chauffeur Privé all reported soaring user numbers LINK

Seattle making plans to set a minimum rate for ride-sharing services like Uber, Lyft  LINK

Seattle could be the first U.S. city to institute congestion pricing LINK

Chinese ride-share company Didi Chuxing is preparing to launch in Mexico. The company won’t charge drivers a service fee through June LINK 

Public transport options integrated into DiDi’s ride-sharing app. DiDi Chuxing launches a new function which supplies public transportation options in combination with ride-sharing services, estimated arrivals, and prices, all from one interface… LINK

Volkswagen Australia trials ridesharing with UniCar partnership LINK


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