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Will Automation Put an End to the American Trucker? LINK

Legislating Automation: How Congress is Approaching Automated VehiclesLINK

Uber said on Tuesday that paying National Insurance contributions for its British drivers would add tens of millions of pounds to the taxi app’s costs were they to be deemed, employees. LINK

LeBron James will star in the first big ad push for self-driving cars LINK

Chinese Bike Sharing Giant Ofo is Rolling Into Washington, DC This WeekLINK

French carmaker Renault said Friday that half of its models will be electric or hybrid by 2022 and it’s investing heavily in “robo-vehicles” with increasing degrees of autonomy. LINK

GM is preparing for the death of car ownership in cities — and its solution is popular among millennials. LINK

How Trains Can Compete with Freight Trucks in Europe LINK

In many countries where the overall mortality rate is falling, road deaths have gone in the opposite direction. LINK

A Gameplan for Ceding US Highways to Driverless Cars LINK

Thinktank Study: Female Drivers Can Put Saudi Arabia on Road to Enhanced Growth LINK

In Paris, about 80 percent of the initial 20,600 Vélib’ bikes had been stolen or damaged two years into the program. LINK

Mayor claims Uber and Lyft costing Chicago taxpayers millions LINK

Americans Are Super Scared About Driverless Cars Getting Hacked: StudyLINK

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