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Grab launches advertising platform for brands to provide additional revenue for Grab’s drivers by displaying ads on tablets in their cars and emblazoned on the car itself. LINK

Grab aims to start delivering medical services across Southeast Asia, thanks to new partnership with Ping An Good Doctor. LINK

London judge Emma Arbuthnot steps down to avoid conflict of interest charges after her ruling to prevent Uber ban. LINK

  • FLASHBACK: Judge Emma Arbuthnotgrants Uber a 15-month “probationary” license and to avoid London ban. LINK

Elon Musk asked Trump Administration for a tax break on Chinese tunnel-machinery parts. LINK

  • FLASHBACK:  Elon Muskcriticized for donating nearly 7 times as much to Republicans this Election cycle. LINK

Japan now has more electric car charge points than gas stations, thanks to government subsidies. LINK

VIDEO: Self-driving cars start delivering groceries in Scottsdale, ArizonaKroger Co. is partnering with Nuro, a Silicon Valley startup founded by two engineers who worked on autonomous vehicles at Google. LINK

German discount supermarket chain, Lidl, starts car-sharing service with Deutsche Bahn. LINK

  • FLASHBACK Lidl starts bike-sharingservice with Deutsche Bahn.LINK

One app wants to incentivize subway users with Amazon gift cards to keep riding the subway… and they already raised nearly $4 million in funding from the US Dept. of Energy. LINK

  • H/T Sent to me by @miguelecabrera— all tips are welcomed and appreciated!

Japanese taxi company turns cab into Haunted Mansion-style attraction to interest tourists. LINK

The first deaf taxi drivers hit the road in Seoul, aided by software from a local startup.  LINK

California sticks magic crystals (aka piezoelectric crystals) in the road to try and harvest energy from passing vehicles. LINK

GM 3-D printed a seat bracket, which bodes well for the ease of future car manufacturing.  LINK

Tesla execs rumored to rejoice as Elon Musk unfollows girlfriend Grimes on social media. LINK

Design studio creates plan for self-driving hotel suites that carry travelers from front door to final destination. LINK

VIDEO: Parents want to use ride-sharing to send kids to school, but law says drivers can’t accept underage passengers. LINK

Good guy Jon Stewart saves goats from NYC subway system.  LINK

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